BUNDjugend Mecklenburg Vorpommern  


Here you can find information about BUNDjugend MV in Englich. We try to have as much english texts in the invitations for our actions (Termine), but cannot offer a full translation. If you are interested in any action, seminar or camp and in need of a translation or more information for it, please contact us!

BUNDjugend Mecklenburg Pomerania

BUNDjugend MV is the youth arm of BUND MV (Friends of the Earth Germany in Mecklenburg Pomerania) in which people up to the age of 27 can participate. Our activities are defined by the spirit, the ideas and the involvement of our volunteers. Our members independently plan excursions, seminares and actions, and select the issues they would like to focus on. They acquire their skills in workshops and trainings supported by the BUNDjugend MV office staff. By that, young people take their future into their own hands.

We are interested in a more social and sustainable world. We focus on topics like climate change, renewable energy, sustainable lifestyle and sustainable consumption. Together we discuss the current nature politics, environmental protection and find ideas for our own sustainable lifestyle. Children, teens and young adults are invited to our camps, excursions and seminars. At our events we take on eco-political issues like genetic engineering, ecological agriculture or sea protection and find ideas for a sustainable life!
We are open to and curious about people from all over the world. Our BUNDjugend group in Neubrandenburg often organizes Joint Cooking Events with young refugees.

Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved with the BUNDjugend MV! Together we can have a big impact!


BUNDjugend MV
Wismarsche Str. 152
19053 Schwerin

phone: + 49 385 – 521 339 16
fax: + 49 385 – 521 339 20
mail: info@bundjugend-mv.de


Beteiligungswerkstatt/ BUNDjugend Neubrandenburg
Friedländer Str. 12
17033 Neubrandenburg

phone: +49 395 – 566 651 2
Fax: +49 395 – 569 16 429
mail: info@bund-neubrandenburg.de